freq_spark (four corners)

The NORTH sound mixer: The Qitzi, Christine Ödlund, Tommi Grönlund/Petteri Nisunen, melanieisdemented, Kiwa Noid, Mont Cotton Son, Anna Cherednikova, Christopher Chaplin, Chandra Shukla, JG Thirlwell, Malte Dahlberg, Maia Urstad

The SOUTH sound mixer: Permagnus Lindborg, e-gwam, Girls From The North Country, Ink Void, Finnbogi Petursson, Jana Winderen, Niklas Breimert, HER, Jacob Kirkegaard, Lina Lundquist, Christina Kubisch, Klara Lewis

The WEST sound mixer: Simon Sjöström, Pomassl/Anna Ceeh, Sofia Zwahlen, Sucre, Nadine Byrne, Stella Dieden Richter, Yan Jun, Hot Surface, Milton Lewis, Jónsi, Leona Cauklija, Bana Haffar

The EAST sound mixer: Leif Elggren, Lawrence English, Jesper Vesterlund, Tilde Björk, Dorit Chrysler, ASH, Tetsuo Furudate, Aron Fogelström, Rana Kadry, Ulf Bilting, Niels Engström, Leif Jordansson

Curator: Carl Michael von Hausswolff Web Maestro: Ulf Bilting

Hosted by the Royal Institute of Art, Stockholm, Thank you all the artists, Ecole du Mont Cotton (Bagnols-sur Cèze) and Ocean Archive/TBA21–Academy

freq_spark (four corners) is the third cycle of installations that started with freq_out in 2002 and continued 2020 with freq_wave.

This time, we are focusing on the element fire.

freq_spark (four corners) - a grand manifestation for the well-being of our planet - and in this case for our forests, bush- and savannah-areas, of course connected to the air, waters and soils. We live in a time of decision where we have to choose paths for survival and ... “survival is the name of the game” as a famous writer once said.

We are acknowledging the planet earth as a living entity and are actively supporting the notion of the climate emergency, yet want to reiterate that if we act now, we can support the planet in regenerating tremendously within the next 30 years. We are willing for a natural world, relieved from all kinds of harmful activities putting immense pressure on its ecosystems, such as rainforest and other forest destruction.

Deep awareness and understanding of the rapidly changing climate, the burning of on land areas, the rising sea levels and the accelerating mass extinction are issues at the core of this project.

We, who are participating, want to show support for this message and the belief that art and culture have an important role to play in this struggle.